Therapy and Support

Enable deeper connections and better therapy outcomes.

Soft Skills Development

Improve real world skills through immersive simulations.

Corporate Collaboration

Facilitate productive sessions in 3D, life-like meeting environments.

VR Platform for Professional Communication and Business Collaboration

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Why VR?

Life-like experiences and communication in immersive Virtual Reality (VR) environments drive interpersonal interaction, facilitate effective simulations, and increase productivity in ways not possible with audio, video, chat or even through in-person meetings.

With the recent introduction of affordable stand-alone headsets, VR is more accessible and scalable than ever before. As of November 2018, 11% of U.S. homes owned some type of VR hardware and headset sales are predicted to increase five-fold by 2023.


Realistic Simulations

Engage in highly convincing scenarios designed for treatment, skills training and other professional situations.

Role Playing

Interact in life-like ways with multiple participants portraying different roles in authentic contexts.

Immersive Environments

Choose from a library of spaces designed for focused communication and increased productivity.

Analytics & Biofeedback

Improve outcomes by monitoring, analyzing, and sharing behavioral 

feedback and usage data.

Ease & Accessibility

Connect with only a headset and an internet connection. No camera, typing, data plans, or travel needed. 

Customizable Avatars

Select attributes such as hair style, skin color, and accessories to establish a preferred identity.

Privacy By Design

Permission-based, moderator controlled environments, secure login, and avatars protect privacy and anonymity.

Collaborative Activities

Bring remote team members together in a common space to analyze, ideate, demonstrate, and learn.

Communal Sharing

Pass and manipulate 3D objects, write on white boards, and view media across multiple screens at once. 


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