Remote Workers Equally Productive with Some Caveats

Updated: Jun 15

With the majority of the world now working from home (many for the first time), more data is available than ever before about the impact of remote work on productivity, job satisfaction, and connection to colleagues.

Salesforce has been surveying a global population of workers every two weeks and recently shared some of their findings. In short, the majority of remote workers feel productive and connected and would like to stay working remotely in the long term.

  • 86% of remote workers rate their productivity as excellent or good

  • 81% of remote workers rate their communication with colleagues as excellent or good

  • 67% of remote workers are interested in working remotely in the long term

Given this sentiment, employers will need to strongly consider their remote working policies once the world returns to "normal" as expectations and presumptions will have changed dramatically.

Beyond just allowing employees to work remotely more often or even permanently, employers will also need to find ways to actively support the needs of their workers\

including supporting technologies that will allow for even greater productivity, engagement, and connection. The survey supports this assertion.

  • Only 67% of respondents feel they can effectively collaborate with colleagues virtually

  • 43% of respondents had feelings of isolation

  • Only 25% of respondents reported employers provided them with new or improved work technology

To increase effective collaboration and reduce feelings of isolation, employers should look to virtual reality, a technology that allows a feeling of presence in life-like environments that allow unlimited opportunities for collaboration. In short, VR offers the experience of working together rather than the act of watching colleagues on a flat screen, reading a mountain of emails, or viewing a river of chat.


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